We, I.S., are a cooperation between scenographers Herbert

Janse & Roelof Pothuis; both Dutch and educated in the

From our Amsterdam based studio we make what we love and
love what we do: challenging the conventional design formula
and creating a new approach for each project.

A degree in scenography, a keen eye for design and a
fascination for dynamics of consumer markets (what do people
want?) makes what we are today: innovative designers who
believe in custom made solutions.

We offer the best skills combined with the most relevant
technology to provide unique results. Working in the field of
theatre taught us to deal with the limitations of available time.

‘All the world is a stage’ Shakespeare wrote, and we believe he
was very right. Whether on stage, in a restaurant, a museum or
in the public domain: Interior Scenography, that’s what it I.S.


The art of representing objects in perspective, especially as applied in the design and painting of theatrical scenery. The term scenography is of Greek origin (skēnē, meaning ‘stage or scene building’; grapho, meaning ‘to describe’) originally detailed within Aristotle’s Poetics as ‘skenographia’. Within continental Europe the term has been closely aligned with the English language term ‘theatre design’.